Tentang Humaira Fii Hamra

Humaira Fii Hamra

( حميراء فى حمراء)

‘ Yang Kemerah-merahan dalam merah ‘



You want to know who am I? Really?

The answer’s not on me, but on you. Yeah, you know me better than myself.

Don’t laugh at me and don’t ever say that it’s a stupid way of thinking. This is real!
When you ask me ‘who am I’, I’ll be just answering you like describing my self when Iam mirroring. You, you can see what I had done, have done, did, and do. Just see them on me, then you’ll figure out who am I.

Just for a glance, let me introduce myself. Iam an actively moving girl who always try to be better in every single day of my life. Also, I have a thousand (ehm, perhaps a million) dreams that I want to reach. That’s me ^_^




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